Annal for A.S. XVIII (5/83 – 4/84)

Mordred Mjodvitner received his Silver Crescent at the Coronation of Viktor and Sedalia on October 8 and Aidan ni Leir was inducted into the Order of the Laurel on December 7. Also in December, the canton of Vikings’ Hall formed in Westchester & Putnam Counties.

The officers at the end of this year were:

Seneschal: Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee
Herald:  Dawyd z Gury
Knight Marshal: Mordred Mjodvitner
Exchequer: Ian Mitchell
Chronicler: Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee
Minister of Arts: Medbh na Armagh
Minister of Science: Anaron Caithness of Wyk
Minster of Lists: Gisela die Gelinde
Captain of Archers: Aubrey Lowell
Chiurgeon: Rannveigr Haakonarsdottir