Annal for A.S. XIV (5/79 – 4/80)

Four cantons were founded: Iron Forest (Sloatsburg, 11/79), Blasted Heath (North Bergen NJ, 3/80), St. Dunstan’s (NYU, 3/80), and Walking Dunes (Southhampton College, 3/80). Aidan and Shannon left the throne on October 6. At Twelfth Night on January 5, Aidan received her Pelican (in part for her services as Queen) and Ian Mitchell and Katherine Gillesfleur were named Viceroy and Vicereine of Østgarðr, taking over from Cassandra of Beth’lem. Andreas de Vulpes received a Seahorse at the St. Dunstan’s Day Candlelight Feast and Revel on May 19. A demo was held at the Darkover science fiction convention on July 13. The “Fifth Annual Eastern Dance Contest” was held on July 28.