Annal for A.S. XLVI (5/11 – 4/12)

Demos were held at the Viking Day Festival on May 14, the Riverdale Riverfest on June 12, Queens County Fair on September 24 and 25, and the Cloisters on October 2.

At Pennsic, Wilhelm of Northpass received a Maunche. Both Oscad de Segovia and Guy avec Chevaux received the accolade of Knighthood; the former at East Kingdom court and the latter on the Field.

At the Barleycorn event on September 10, the Viceregency was passed to Sir Gui avec Cheveaux and Johanna ap Visby. Mistress Eularia Trewe was inducted into the Order of the Seahorse. Championship tourneys were held; the winners were John the Bear (Thrown Weapons), Edwin Fletcher (Archery), and Brendan Firebow (Fencing). Þòrmundr inn Iandverski became the Seneschal of Brokenbridge in November.

A Schola was held on November 5. At Season’s Beatings in Brokenbridge on December 3, Devra the Baker was made a Companion of the Sea Dog. Also at that event, Lord Llewellyn ap Rhys was the first inductee into the Order of the Sea Lion, an order for both prowess in the martial arts, and leadership and training in those arts. The motto for the order is “I Go Forth, so that Others Might Follow”.

On February 18 at the Lions End event, “Lions on the Silk Road”, Lile Dubh inghean ui Mordh became the Province’s Bardic Champion.