Annal for A.S. XXXVIII (5/03 – 4/04)

Demos were held at a Scandinavian Fair on May 17, and for the Brooklyn Childrens Museum on February 7 and 8. The last Huntington Renaissance Faire (the people who had been running the fair were burned out with no replacements, and it wasn’t making enough money to justify continuing it) was held on May 24 and 25.

Northpass’s Barleycorn event on September 7 was a celebration of Edward Zifran of Gendy’s twenty years in the Province (and in the East Kingdom). At this event, Provincial Championships were held in Archery and Fencing. Dietrich von Karo won the former, and Yeh-Lu Targai the latter.

Queens County Fair was held on September 21 and 22. At Agincourt on November 1, Jabril became the Provincial Champion and Friedrich of Northpass was awarded a Seahorse. Celtic Silliness was held on March 13 (where Seahorses were awarded to Conor O’Ceilligh, Brithwen Bores Hulla, and Sancha de Flores), and Brewers Collegium on March 27.

At 100 Minutes War on November 22, John Elys was inducted into the Order of the Laurel. Sancha de Flores received a Maunche at Coronation on April 3.

In March, Aellin Olafsdottir took over as Minister of Arts.