Coronation will be held on the beautiful South Meadow of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden

Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden
1000 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10301

Google maps (note: When search Google maps, use of the search term “Snug Harbor Heritage Farm” will direct you to the correct portion of the event site.

You may learn more about the event site from their public website here.

Site Map

Site Rules

  • There is NO STAKING down of tents allowed on most of the site with an exception of small area that is already reserved for special use. We encourage and welcome the populace to bring popups for personal shade, but please make alternate arrangements to stakes if you feel the need to.
  • NO FIRES or propane heating devices are allowed on site.
  • The site does not permit outside alcohol on the premises, and a licensed vendor will be available for the purchase of libations. Attendants found with alcohol not from the licensed vendor will be asked to leave their drinks off site or be removed from the event.
  • This site is located in New York City and as such, all applicable federal, New York State and New York City laws and policies are in effect. All pertinent SCA, Inc. and East Kingdom laws and policies are in effect.


The event is being held outdoors. All attendees should dress accordingly and consider the possibility of inclement weather when planning.

  • Seating: All attendees must bring their own chairs/seating.
  • Restrooms: Indoor public restrooms are available in the Snug Harbor Administration & Wintergarden building. Additionally, two handicap accessible porta-potties are available for attendee use.
  • Stations designated for hand sanitizers, masks, and other hygiene related equipment will be marked and easily spotted around the event space. We encourage attendants to bring extra masks if needed.
  • Several pavilions will be set up on site for use in case of inclement weather. Attendees are encourage to bring their own shade Pop-Ups (not to exceed 12 ft. x 12 ft.) so long as they may be set up safely using only weights (so No Staking policy above).


Parking for the event is free but limited. The site has 4 public parking lots with about 200 spaces total (unfortunately, the event does not have exclusive use of the lots). We encourage attendees to plan extra time for parking and traffic.

There is additional free street parking outside the Snug Harbor Cultural Center which is within a few minutes walk of the event. When using street parking, please be sure to read posted Parking Signs and follow all New York City parking regulations.


The site is accessible as per the EK Accessibility Porter Checklist, with the exception of there being no refrigeration available at the site. Also please note that the site while accessible is spacious and the field is all grass does not have paved pathways