Saturday Tournaments & Activities

In addition to the courts and Viceregal Investiture ceremony, a wide variety of activities are planned to add to the joy of the day. A full Schedule of the Day for both Saturday and Sunday may be found here.

On Saturday 9/3, gentles may partake in…

Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy Memorial Unbelt Challenge & Barleycorn Warlord Tournaments

Once again, the Viscount Sir Master Master Edward Zifran of Gendy the Bloody Bastard Baron of the Eastern Court Memorial Unbelt Challenge returns to Barleycorn. The point of this challenge is to encourage unbelted fighters to learn the non-fighting aspects of knighthood, things like heraldry, history, and courtly pastimes. As such, there will be a written exam before the fighting begin.

While all fighters, belted or otherwise, are invited to fight in the Challenge, only unbelted fighters who score a 60 out of 100 on the exam will be allowed to collect points towards winning it. The questions on the written exam may include, but are not limited to, questions about: SCA heraldry; SCA history; medieval history; the Rules of the List; medieval and renaissance dance; poetry and song; chess; order or precedence; ranks and titles; East Kingdom tradition; food and serving etiquette.

  • This tournament is only open to unbelted fighters. (Belting fighters, please see below)
  • There will be a written portion and a fighting portion.
  • The written portion will be a selection of questions Every Fighter Should Know If They Want To Be A Knight. A score of 60 or higher (out of 100) is required to be considered for the prize in the fighting portion, though all unbelted fighters, regardless of the score, will be able to fight in the fighting portion.
  • The fighting portion will be a timed “challenge” tourney. All those fighters who passed the exam must challenge other fighters, belted and unbelted, who did not pass or take the exam, and each other, as many as they can, within a set time limit. The fights will be held simultaneously in the field. The fighters will report their results to the MoL after each fight, and then look for someone else to fight after reporting the results. The fighter who wins the fight gets two points, the other gets one point, and if they fight a knight, master at arms, or royal, they get an extra point.
  • There will be prizes given for best test score, most wins fighting, and overall high score.

After the Unbelt Challenge, we will have a Warlord Tourney.

  • Fighters will be paired randomly.
  • After each fight, the pair will become a two-person team, with the winner being the commander.
  • The pairs will be matched against each other randomly.
  • These bouts will result in four-person teams, led by the commander of the winning pair.
  • This will continue until two teams have been built, who will fight the final round.

 The team that wins that final melee wins that competition.

Armor inspection begins at 12:30 PM, following the morning court. The written exam will begin promptly at 1 PM. Anyone not yet inspected by that time can be inspected after the written exam is done. The fighting should begin at 1:30 PM. Fighting will be done at 4 PM. Latecomers will be allowed to enter the fighting but will not be eligible for points if they do not take and pass the exam first.

The day board will be open from noon – 4 PM. We advise fighters to either get their food before armor inspection or use time between fights to get food.

We will be needing marshals that day, so any warranted marshals planning on attending are invited to help out.

So we have a lot of fighting for everyone this Saturday, and I can’t wait to see you there!

Østgarðr Provincial Fencing Championship & Memorial Targai Ye-Li Fencing Tournament

There will be two Tournaments an Italian Themed Novelty Tournament and the Memorial Targai Ye-Li Tournament. 

The Targai Memorial Tournament will start as a round robin tournament and then move into a double elimination tournament. All fencers are worth points:  Fencers authorized from 2019 or sooner are 1 point, up to Masters of Defense who are worth 7 points.  (Details will be reviewed at the event.) Each fencer will roll a 6 sided die before each bout to determine their weapon form.  If a fencer rolls a form they are not authorized in they will default to single sword. Combat is to first blood.  The first wounding/killing hit stops the bout.  The top two people from the list will advance to a double elimination tournament.  If there are multiple lists, then the top fencer from each list will advance.  If necessary a “destructive” by will be fought.  There will be a prize.

The Provincial Fencing Championship will follow the Memorial tournament. It will be conducted as a Round Robin, so bring your best. Past provincial champs can only fight single sword. The Semifinals will be best of 3 passes. The Finals will be best of 5 passes, rotating forms. Anyone can fence to become the Provincial Fencing Champion.

Alexander MacLachlan am the Marshal in Charge for Saturday, though I am only running the Memorial Tournament.  Leo McCallum is the current Provincial Champion and he will be running the Championship.  Sir Tanaka is the Marshal in Charge for Sunday.  

Fellow Marshals are always welcome to help with authorizations and inspections.  The reduced armor rules will not be allowed on both days.  

The fencing list will open at 12:30. The fencing WILL follow real world time, as we have a tight schedule.

Youth Fighting

Youths ages 6 – 17 are invited to join us on the youth armored combat field. We’ll provide training, assign participants to appropriate divisions for their age and size, and hold tournaments to test skills and build a sense of chivalric honor and fair play. Loaner gear will be available (in limited quantities), or bring your own — hockey or lacrosse-style helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads are generally serviceable, and properly-fitting groin protection is always useful.

Check back for more details as we get closer to the event.

Østgarðr Provincial Archery Championship & Barleycorn Novelty Tournament

Archers one and all, come join in this year’s Barleycorn Archery Novelty Tournament. Developed by the devious minds of the provincial archery champion, Marin il Gondolier, and the archery marshals of Østgarðr, this five shoot competition offers fun and challenge for archers both experienced and new. All archers, regardless of whence they come, are welcome to participate in the tournament.

For archers who live within the Crown Province of Østgarðr, including its cantons, you may opt to compete for the honor of being the next Provincial Archery Champion. You will enjoy the same novelty tourney as everyone else, but a separate roll shall be kept for determination of the archery champion. In addition to meeting the residency requirements, those who wish to be Provincial Archery Champion must be willing to wear the Champion’s regalia, attend the Viceregents in court when at events with the Viceregents, represent the Province with courtesy and honor when entering archery tournaments, and aid in the preparation and running of the tournament to choose their successor.

The archery range will be open both before and after the Novelty Tournament for gentles to practice or shot royal rounds. Loaner archery equipment is available in limited quantities.

The Consort’s and Sovereign’s Archery Head-to-Head Tournament

The Consort’s Archery Champion will be in attendance and will run the first round of the Consort’s and Sovereign’s Archery Head-to-Head Tournament. Ryan will be running this archery tournament from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the archery range. For more details see

Østgarðr Provincial Thrown Weapons Championship & Barleycorn Novelty Tournament

Niento merda, there I was, working in the vineyard outside Lady Angelica’s enotecha (wine store). We were bored and decided to have a contest. Use an axe to cut the grapes off the vine. But you had to hit the right spot so you didn’t damage the vine or the grapes. Just then, we heard a noise inside and investigated. Thieves were stealing her wine. I quickly unsheathed my stiletto and threw, my blade striking true and not harming her precious wares. I saw the last of these Tuscan Raiders running out of the store and stopped them cold by throwing my spear through the buchetta-del-vino (Wine Hole).

The Tournament shall consist of…

  • 6 axes- cut the shoot on the mark +5 points. +3 points if off by 2-4 inches, +1 point if off by 4-6 inches
  • 6 knives +5 for hitting the raider, -2 points for hitting a bottle (0 is lowest score)
  • 3 spears +5 points for getting it through the wine hole

Tournament to be run by our current Thrown Weapons Champion Lady Raymonda the Second (she/her) with the assistance of Lord Ronan FitzRobert (he/him)

All may play, but you must declare if you wish to compete for Baronial Champion.

Youth Activities

The youth who have travelled from near and far to our beautiful province will have the opportunity to participate in a few activities and classes of their own. Opportunities to try out the Japanese game of Kemari, try out a few medieval table top games or even participate in a scavenger hunt will be available. There will also be a class for children on heraldry with an activity where they can design their own heraldry and a kumihimo class where they can learn an A&S activity that will keep them busy during court.

John Barleycorn Memorial Brewing Competition

Once again, we are delighted to host the John Barleycorn Memorial Brewing Competition! Master Richard the Poor of Ely will be in charge.
There will be five categories :

  • BEER: Anything grain-based.
  • WINE: Anything where the sugars come from fruit.
  • MEAD: Anything honey-based.
  • OTHER: Things that don’t easily fit into the other categories.
  • OPEN: A sort of “Anything Goes” category-“Periodness” not required.

For the first four categories, documentation is required. At the very least, the judges need to know what it is they are tasting. In the Open category, while documentation or at least a recipe will be helpful, it will not be mandatory. That bottle that’s so old you don’t remember how it was made? We’ll give it a try!! The “grapefruit melomel” you made just to see if you could? Challenge Accepted!!

Further Details are forthcoming

NOTE: We need judges!! The only requirement is that you are old enough to drink. The only restriction is that you can’t judge in a category that you’ve entered.

Queens Dessert Choice Challenge

Calling all bakers and dessert makers, Queen Indrakshi has a sweet tooth and is seeking desserts to satisfy her craving at Barleycorn! Will our people rise to the challenge?

Every entrant is a winner, but only one will be selected Queen’s Choice. This title comes with bragging rights and a $50 charity donation made in the selected individual’s name, courtesy of the new Viceregents, Lady Angelica and Lady Sofya. What do you have to do to participate in this fun and delicious challenge?

  • Email Maestra Sofya at with your entry, ingredient list, recipe, and portion size.
  • Drop your dessert off with our dayboard staff on your arrival Saturday, September 3rd.

Entries do not have to be period, only delicious. Multiple entries are absolutely allowed and encouraged. The Queen will decide who will hold this coveted title at 3pm on Saturday, so get your entries in early.

Fight for a Cause Charity Silent Auction

On Saturday there will be a silent auction held with all proceeds going toward the pot of the Fight for a Cause Tournament. 

The Silent Auction will start at 12:00pm and run until 3:30pm, at which point winners will be asked to settle their bids and collect their winnings. Winners must be present at the end of the auction to collect. If you are not able to be present the winnings will go to the next highest bidder.

The auction will take place in the front section of Coronet Pavilion. 

Donations are welcome. Please contact Il-Kh’an Suuder Saran at with any questions you may have.

Athena’s Thimble Embroidery Panel

Please join Athena’s Thimble for an embroidery panel at 1 p.m., if you’re interested in learning more about embroidery or paneling a piece you’ve worked on.

If you are paneling a piece, please visit the Athena’s Thimble website for a panel form: