Provincial Officer Elections 2021

The following provincial officer positions are up for election: Seneschal, Herald, Webminister, Historian, and Fencing Marshal. Each officer is elected for a two year term. Herald, Webminister, Historian, and Fencing Marshal all have incumbents who may choose to run again. Seneschal is term-limited and requires a new person shouldering the mantle.

Letters of intent from incumbents and new candidates are due by next provincial commons, Oct. 20th. For any positions which have multiple contenders, the populace will have an opportunity to meet the candidates at our November 17th commons. Voting (via a Google form) will conclude before our December 15th commons, where the results will be announced. Positions which have a single volunteer will be affirmed at the December 15th commons.

Below are the job descriptions as provided by our Vicereine. Please feel free to reach out to the current office holders with any questions about what the job entails.

Seneschal: Chief administrative officer of a branch, responsible for day-to-day overall smooth running of the Province. Current office holder Hlæfdige Alienor Salton.

Herald: The office of the herald is two parts: 1. voice herald responsible for running Provincial Court and filing reports after each court, and 2. helping members of the populace submit names and heraldic devices. You do not have to be able to do both and can have a deputy to help with one or the other. Current office holder Dama Drasma Dragomira.

Historian: Keeping and maintaining detailed records of the history of the Crown Province of Ostgardr. Current office holder Mistress Sofya Gianetta di Trieste.

Webminister: Maintain and update the Provincial website and email lists. Current office holder Lord Friderich Grimme.

Fencing Marshal: Oversee fencing activity in the Province. Current office holder Lord Alexander MacLachlan.


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