Court Report for Deck the Halls of Valhalla

From the Seahorse Pursuivant,

In their ever-present court held at Deck the Halls of Valhalla, Their Excellencies first thanked and requested words from the autocrat Eadwin the Younger, who spoke greatly of thanks and then announced who had impressed him within a certain realm of effort during the event. Evelyn de Trees was deemed to have the best background setting, Aurelia di Giovanni Bedici wore the best garb, Perez ben Meir Gershorn laid out the best feast table, and while all those with pets were honored, Catelin Straquhin eeked out on top with a surprise polydactyl lap cat.

Then Catelin was called into court to present the winners of the day’s bardic championship results, where Evelyn de Trees was named the new bardic champion of Østgarðr. It was also announced that the populace voted Cedar the Barefoot as their favorite bardic performance, and Arnora Ketilsdottir provided the most eye-catching performance.

Thereby concludes another court, held the 29th of January, AS 56, within the Ethereal realm of Brokenbridge.