In addition to the courts and coronation ceremony, a wide variety of activities are planned to add to the joy of the day. A full Schedule of the Day may be found here.

Heavy Weapons Tournament:
In honor of His Royal Highness, the tournament will be fought rattan weapons, and without shields. Fighters are encouraged to match weapons but it is not required. There will be 3 winners: 1 Overall Victor, 1 chosen be the Combatants,1 chosen by the Gallery. Marshal in Charge Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver

Fencing Tournament:
There will be a fencing tournament in honor of Her Royal Highness Indrakshi. The marshal-in-charge Sir Tanaka Raiko has announced the format will be Round-Robin/Double-Elimination, with 3 prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Arts & Sciences Display and Classes:
There will be an Arts and Sciences display to showcase the beauty, passion, and glory of the East! Please join the displaying artisans indoors in the Wintergarden (masks required).

We have a small selection of classes concerning the cultures of east and south Asia!

Class Schedule:

Teacher: Zahra de Andaluzia
Class: Reading Devanagari
Time: 1 PM, Class Tent
Description: Come learn the basics of Devanagari—the ancient Indian script used to write Sanskrit!

Teacher: Kazuki Kozuru-salifoska
Class: Introduction to Japanese Etiquette
Time: 2 PM, Class Tent
Description: Come learn the basics of Japanese etiquette!

Teacher: Þorfinnr Hróðgeirsson (Thorfinn Hrothgeersun)
Class: Introduction to East Asian Calligraphy
Time: 3 PM, Class Tent
Description: Learn the basics of how the script used in medieval China, Korea, Japan, and nearby works and how to get started on calligraphy.

Teacher: Jenna Childslayer
Class: Basic Kumihimo for Adults
Time: 3 PM, Lobby (Note: This is an indoor area, and all students MUST be masked.)
Description: You will learn one simple stitch (spiral round). This is a hands-on class. Materials will be provided to create a short cord (there are 10 kits available, first come first served). You may bring your own materials (loom disk, weight, bobbins, string) if you prefer. Masks will be required for all attending. Questions to Jenna ChildSlayer

Teacher: Ali Al-Azeem
Class: An Introduction to Indian Rhythm
Time: 4 PM, Class Tent
Description: Learn About Indian rhythm instruments, their history, how they are played, and how to play them. Bring your instrument and learn some new rhythms!

If you have questions about he display or classes, please contact the A&S organizer Nobilis Berakha bat Mira v’Shlomo at

Heraldic Consultation Table:
Come talk to the SCA CoA’s own Ragged Staff Herald and others to work on a name, device, badge or just learn a few things for later use!

Youth Activities:
Please join Lady Kunigunde Wedemann at the youth activity tent for hands-on activities that include making Japanese stab-binding books, learning Kumihimo (a Japanese braiding technique), making your own EK Blue Tyger flags and pouches, and learning Kemari, a medieval game from Japan that is very similar to Hacky Sack in which the goal of the game is for everyone to keep the ball off the ground as long as possible without using their hands or arms.