Chancellor Minor Letters of Intent

Our faithful Chancellor of Minors (Director of Youth Activities), Arnora Ketilsdottir, is stepping down at the end of her term, December 31, 2020. Three candidates for the open position have thrown their hats into the ring. Here are their letters of intent, volunteering for the position and outlining their qualifications and intentions for the role.

Kunigunde Wedemann

I, Kunigunde Wedemann, am officially submitting myself as a candidate for the position of Chancellor of Minors of the Crown Province of Østgarðr.

Although a relatively new member to the Society, having only joined two years ago, I have already been active through my past offices as Deputy Chronicler of the Canton of Northpass, the Webminister of the Canton of Northpass, and am currently the webminister for the East Kingdom Youth Combat website.

I am already warranted as a Chancellor of Minors at large since a year ago, having decided there was need of such a person in the northern reaches of the Province after attending an event where there were children but nothing much for them to do. At that event, I was working on some illuminations for the A&S display, and a group of children decided to join me because they needed something to do. Two of the kids were my own, so I was already accustomed to sharing my art materials with them. It worked out really well, but I wanted to be more official and safe about it, so I had myself warranted for the position.

Prior to the Covid shut-down, I had been planning, along with some other youth officers, a doll garb making activity that was going to be held at the April 2020 Coronation, but that has been put on hold until some future event.

In my mundane life, I have experience working with young people through my current position as an assistant scoutmaster for a Scouts BSA all-girl troop in both an in-person and virtual setting.  This past summer, I worked with young people at a socially-distanced nature day camp, running several nature related art projects.

 As Chancellor of  Minors, I intend to help plan and coordinate youth activities at various events within the province. Ideally, I would like there to be some kind of activities for young people at every event, with the exception of those events that are geared towards adults. That way, children will want to return to events with their parents and this is a good thing for the future of the Society.

Oliver deBainbrig

I, Lord Oliver deBainbrig, do hereby nominate myself for the position of Ostgardr’s Chancellor of Minors.

I have served as CoM for four years now, from canton events to kingdom events.  My record is clean and my most recent background check is good until 7/31/22.


Oliver deBainbrig

Pia Maletesta di Rimini

Lady Pia Maletesta di Rimini brings greetings and this missive to the most proud Province of Ostgardr. 

It is with great honor that I request the consideration of an office with in your borders.  

My travels have taken me outside of my beloved Ostgsrdr and it’s not a place where I might serve.  I wish to serve the great lands which the Khan now holds secure. 

About me: 
I started this journey many years ago in the great Iron Forest where the Crown Province was our Protector. Borders changed yet I remained.  
Within the East – I have held the office of 
Deputy Chancellor Minor (current)
Chancellor of the University (4 yrs)
Deputy Youth Clerk (8 years)
Arts & Science Officer (4 yrs-Rusted Woodlands)
Herald (4 yrs-Rusted Woodlands)

Director Emeritas -Known World Choir (at Pennsic)
Started the Children’s Choir & Youth Choir at Pennsic. 
Teacher of dozens of classes in the Youth Track at Pennsic & multiple events over the past 10 years.

Member of the Presidents Council to Children & Family – (SCA Board President -across Kingdoms) 

Licensed Teacher in NYS 

In addition -I have been the Autocratic for
Coronation (Kelson)
Bardic Championships (2)
EKU (12)
Crown Tourney (2)
Local Events (6)
On staff for local events- dozens of them through my SCA involvement.  

I have been working on a “Youth University” type of even for over a year however due to our current worldwide crisis……. 

  The EK Youth Office has prepared “You Tube “.Videos, activities and online classes to keep our children as active as possible.   We are currently working on the legal guidelines of this with the Board.  

Consideration – I am not local to the boroughs. I currently reside in Nyack-Rockland County.  Attending virtual is possible. However physical attendance is limited for me until the threat of CV-19 has left us. 

I have been awarded the Silver Crescent (2005), The Manuch(2006) & Troubedor(2010) and received my AOA in 2012). (Please note that Dates are Appriximate) 

I am the Clienté  to my Patron Mistress Sol La Cantor OL.  

It is my goal for our children to keep a safe & healthy environment!  I would act as another set of eyes to assure that the children of the Province are having fun in the safest of settings. – Confirming membership & Background checks, and that the supervisory rules are being kept.  Consult with the Youth Clerk for status for Marshall’s & other people who will be working with our children. 

Thank you for your consideration 

In service, 
Pia Maletesta 
(FKA Erlandr Skald di Norlandi)


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