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An Addendum Issue of “The Seahorse” MUST be Issued, PLUS…

Greetings unto the Citizens of the Crown Province of Østgär∂r.

As our Seneschal (Lori) resigned her Office at the December 2015 Crown Provincial Commons, I as her Emergency Deputy, assumed the Office. I will hold this Office until June 2016, latest, or until the election of the Seneschal is voted upon. At the January Commons, we set that date, to be at the next meeting of the Officer Corps, on Sunday, 13 March 2016, at 2pm.

Unlike the Meeting of the Østgardr Commons, the Meeting of the Officer Corps are much stricter on ‘who can speak and when’. Upon being recognized by the Seneschal, (running the Meeting), the indicated Officer is allowed to speak. Those who are not Officers, who wish to be recognized to speak, also must wait until recognized, but Officers have first priority.

Officers must be present to vote, unless they specifically designate that a (1) proxy is sent in writing, (2) signed, & (3) presented to another, (not necessarily an Officer, but a representative chosen by the Officer), & (4) has formally informed the Seneschal-in-Charge of whom will be holding their Officer’s Proxy. ~ The Seneschals of each of the Cantons are considered to be an Officer of the Crown Province. ~ An entire listing of the Officer Corps are listed below.

As I am the Seneschal-in-Charge and will be running the Officer Corps meeting, notifications can be sent to me, at [His.Imperial.Excellency].

We need to OFFICIALLY announce the Candidates for the Office of Crown Provincial Seneschal and post it in The Seahorse. To date, the Candidates for the Office of Seneschal, are, (as of Monday, 18 January 2016):
• Master Ian of Clan Mitchell,
• Master Phillip White,
• Baroné Francesco Gaetano Greco d’Edessa.

Again, only current Crown Provincial Officers have a vote; [one vote per person, not per Office]. If a person holds more than one Crown Provincial Office, that person only holds one vote. If an Officer will not be in attendance at the Officer Corps Meeting, than that Officer may designate another person, Officer or not, to cast their vote.

I pray that you fare well,

+ Baroné Francesco Gaetano Gréco d’Edessa
• Seneschal, Crown Province of Østgär∂r


Ostgardr Officer Corps:

Viceroy – Sir Guy avec Cheval
Vicereine – Baroness Johanne aff Visby
OFFICERS *(Seeking Replacement)
Østgär∂r Seneschal – Baronè Francesco Gaetano Grèco d’Edessa
(Deputy) Seneschal Broken Bridge – Lord Suuder Saran
*(Deputy) Seneschal Lions End – Baronè Francesco Gaetano Grèco d’Edessa
(Deputy) Seneschal Northpass – Lord Thomas of Northpass
(Deputy) Seneschal Whyt Whey – Lady Alienor Salton
*Herald – Baronè Francesco Gaetano Grèco d’Edessa
*Exchequer – Master Richard the Poor of Ely Chatelaine – Lady Sofya of Ostgardr
Knight Marshal – Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver
Archery – Lord Suuder Saran
Arts & Sciences – Lady Lada Monguligin
Fencing – THLady Marion of York
Minister of Lists – Baron Jan aff Visby
Chronicler – Magistra Rufina Cambrensis
Webmaster – Master John Elys
Chamberlain – Mistress Katherine Gilliesfleur
Historian – Master Richard the Poor of Ely