Annal for A.S. XXXVII (5/02 – 4/03)

As the first action of His reign, King Darius suspended Ian and Katherine from their positions as Viceroy and Vicereine. Over the summer, there were no Provincial events, but demos were held at the Huntington Renaissance Fair (5/25 & 26), the Queens County Fair (9/21), and a Scandinavian Day fair (10/13).

Agincourt was held on December 21 (a wedding had taken our expected date in November). It was a Royal Progress – the first non-Kingdom level event sponsored by the Province to have been an RP in thirteen years. At this event, the Provincial Champions Tourney was held – the winner in a field of three was Luis de Castilla.

Awards bestowed that day included a Seahorse to Lady Lassar, a Maunche to Lady Brianna MacBain, and a Laurel to Elizabeth Cameron nic Ian (this is believed to be the first parent-child Peerage combination in the East).

Brewers’ Collegium was held on the weekend of January 4 and Celtic Silliness on March 15.

At Twelfth Night on January 11, Silver Crescents were awarded to Aurora ffoulkes, Thomas the Constable, Patricia of the Tangled Wyldes, and Jacqueline Loisel. A Queen’s Order of Courtesy was given to Tadg ui Duinn.

At King & Queen’s Fencing Champions on January 24, Aureila du Vrai Couer received a Maunche. Ana Ravaya de Guzman was named King’s Bard at the Bardic Championship on February 22.

Don Alexandre d’Avigne became the seneschal of Whyt Whey in February. In March, the incipient canton of Brokenbridge was dissolved by the Kingdom Seneschal for failure to submit any of the necessary paperwork.

At Coronation on April 12, HRM Isabella of York gave Court Baronies to Jacqueline Loisel and Sirhan al Cyani ibn Ati Akarel Diablu.