New to the SCA?

Are you new? Then this is the right place.

Chatelaine’s (The person in charge of Newcomer’s relations) contact information:

Crown Province of Ostgardr (Queens, NY)

Castellan (M. Dwayne Herron):

Deputy Chatelaine – Lady Sofya of Ostgardr (Maria Dedvukaj):

Canton of Broken Bridge (Brooklyn, NY)

LadyLilliRedTower (Lillie Tanksley):

Canton of Whyte Way (Manhattan, NY)

Lady Angelica DiNovaLipa (Angela Ferber):

Canton of Lions End (Long Island – Nassau, NY)

Lord (Bishop) Francesco Greco of Edessa of Eastwood (Gy. G.R. Dioguardi, D.D):

Canton of Northpass (Westchester/Putnam, NY)

Lady Magdelena Carminante (Lavada Nahon):

Also this is a useful site here: SCA Newcomer’s page and the SCA Newcomer’s Portal