Demos for public

Although the majority of SCA events are “for ourselves”, allowing us to educate and entertain other SCA-folk, Østgarðr also provides demonstrations for schools, museums, churches, etc. For example, for almost thirty years we’ve done an annual demonstration at the Huntington Unitarian Church Renaissance Faire; 2003 marked the end of this ancient tradition, but we have some pictures of the 2003 faire.

We also frequently have a presence at the annual medieval faire held at the Cloisters, in Manhattan. I’ll put up some pictures when I get them….

We’ve also provided numerous demos for school groups, covering such topics as clothing, food and cooking, spinning and weaving, leatherwork, herbs and medicine, calligraphy and illumination, archery, armor and weapons, and (always popular with children) combat using swords, axes, spears, etc.