pottery at champs 2006

The Crown Province of Østgarðr has become highly renowned within the East Kingdom for the skill and productivity of its brewers. This page will showcase some of what they do; if only we could put virtual-reality smells and tastes into a web page….

To subscribe to the East Kingdom Brewers’ Email List, visit The group is restricted to avoid spam, so you’ll need to request admission to the group.

A reminder: Please sample the handiwork of these and other brewers and vintners responsibly and in moderation. If you’re at an event from which you need to drive home, make sure there’s a designated driver. We want to see you at the next event too….

Copyright statement

Worked-out versions of medieval recipes are the intellectual property of their creators. If you wish to reprint any of these recipes, please include the creator’s name and send a courtesy copy of your publication to the creator. If you reprint the medieval originals, please include all the relevant bibliographic information; the recipes are in the public domain, but many of the translations and editions are not.